• Lifetime Roof Workmanship

    Because we hire the best roofing installers in the area, we guarantee our workmanship. We are confident in our quality control systems, materials and processes and offer a lifetime warranty on all roofs we install. Our 16 Point Roof Inspection allows us to identify any areas of concern and immediately address them. We stand behind our work immediately after it’s finished … and for decades to come.

  • Manufacturer

    In addition to our roof workmanship warranty, the manufacturers of our products (shingles, flashing, guttering, etc.) also offer warranties. We use only materials from manufacturers who provide outstanding roofing products. With these quality products also comes a guarantee of replacement in the event of rare defects or problems. Manufacturer’s warranties vary depending on the roofing products, and we will explain the details of each product when we review your estimate with you.

    Between the roof workmanship warranty and the manufacturer’s warranties, your entire Gladiator Roofing and Construction System is lifetime guaranteed.

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