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    Welcome to
    Gladiator Roofing and Construction

    At Gladiator Roofing and Construction, Inc., our mission
    is to serve the community both residentially and commercially
    with the most qualified uncompromising workmanship and service.
    We work with dedication and integrity, and strive for a position
    of leadership in the roofing industry.

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    Class 4 IR Shingles
    Withstand the Elements

    Impact resistant shingles can withstand impacts from flying objects
    to a much greater extent than a common asphalt shingle.
    The impact resistant rating system ranks shingles’ resistance
    to impact into 4 levels – 1 through 4, with Class 4 as the highest
    rating level to impact resistance. Insurance companies in many parts
    of the US will actually discount premiums up to 30% when Class 4
    shingles are installed in place of regular asphalt shingles.

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    Gladiator Roofing and Construction's
    Referral Program!

    Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.
    Our company was built by referrals and always will be.
    Refer a friend and receive CASH!

    $300 bonus is based on a full roof replacement.

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    Residential Roof
    Maintenance Program

    Annual Inspection
    Clean debris from roof pans/gutters/drains
    Inspect and caulk all flashings as needed
    Seal all roof penetrations as needed
    Repair nail pops and secure loose shingles as needed
    Priority scheduling in the event of a leak or storm emergency

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    Gladiator Roofing &
    Construction's Warranty

    Because we hire the best roofing installers in the area,
    we guarantee our workmanship. We are confident in our
    quality control systems, materials and processes and offer a
    lifetime warranty on all roofs we install. Our 16 Point Roof
    Inspection allows us to identify any areas of concern and
    immediately address them. We stand behind our work
    immediately after it's finished and for decades to come.


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